Love Lana Ltd is complying with the General Data Protection Regulations that take effect from May 25th 2018.


Sharon Cross is the business owner and also the Data Protection Officer. 


Customer Record Cards 

Love Lana Ltd requests your name, email address and telephone number which we store on a customer record card in a lockable box.


We use your personal information to contact you when your orders arrive in the shop. We do not share this information with other customers or businesses. 


We keep a record of your gift preferences for shopping days if you ask us to. 


We use your email address to keep you notified of shopping events and news via our Mail Chimp email provider. Their privacy policy can be viewed at


From 25th May 2018 all customers who are happy to share their personal information with Love Lana Ltd solely for the reasons above will be required to:


  • Give permission for their personal  information to be stored on a customer record card in a lockable box.

  • Give permission for Love Lana Ltd to use their email address and name for the emailed newsletter provided by Mail Chimp.


  • Understand they have the right to have their personal information removed from either the customer record cards or the Mail Chimp emailed newsletter or both at any time.


  • Agree Love Lana Ltd can keep personal information on file until they ask for it to be removed. 


  • Agree that personal data will be destroyed if they do not wish to renew their affiliation with Love Lana Ltd. 


  • Understand that they have the right to be forgotten. 


  • Understand they can have access to the data held by Love Lana Ltd on the customer record card and on the Mail Chimp email service.


  • Understand that Love Lana Ltd has one month in which to comply with a customer’s request for data.